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Robert Crayhon, we will miss you

Friday, September 24, 2010 8:22 AM
On September 4, 2010, the field of nutrition lost of its most loved leaders, Robert Crayhon.

Robert Crayhon, MS, CN, was a certified nutritionist and was one of my best teachers and mentors. We eventually became friends, and helped each other out on a few occasions.
In 1998, my friend and author Jennifer Workman of Stop Your Cravings fame, introduced me to Robert’s body of work. She told me that I must go to his seminars, and this was one of the best pieces of advice I ever got. So I went to one of Robert ‘s seminars in Los Angeles with my colleague Milos Sarcev, who went on to place in the Mr. Olympia top 10. In attendance was someone else who went on to become a dear friend, Jonny Bowden. Bowden has a Ph.D. in nutrition and has gone on to be one of the most popular writers on nutrition in the world, and his book Living Low Carb has over 100,000 copies in print.
Robert was truly a renaissance man. He was a superb lecturer, best-selling author, and was also an accomplished pianist. One of the great things about Robert was that he was incredibly funny: on and off the lecture podium – I heard he had even done stand-up comedy. I have had the pleasure to share a few meals with Robert, and his wit was unsurpassable.
One of the Robert’s greatest legacies was Boulderfest, which was an annual symposium he started in 1997 where about 300 nutrition professionals would gather to listen to the best of the best. Out of the 300 people in attendance, usually about 70 were nutrition authors. You could see Robert Rakowski take notes during a Mark Houston lecture, and vice versa. Mary Dan Eades and Michael R. Eades, the doctors responsible for the Protein Power program, would be sitting next to Jonny Bowden.
Many of the nutrition concepts I teach in the BioSignature come from Robert, and most of you who have gone through the BioSignature course will recognize them. Here are some the gems I learned from Robert:
1. If you take something away from the patient, you must immediately give him or her something back in return. Most nutritionists are full of “Don’ts!” but will not provide “Do’s!” in exchange.
2. The importance of high dosages of carnitine in combination to Omega 3s. How the utilization of Omega 3s is often limited by the carnitine based enzymes.
3. Zinc is your best nutrient to treat eating disorders.
4. How to use the zinc tally test to make a first impression with clients.
5. How taking care of your mitochondrias can give you loads of energy in your later life?
6. The importance of brain nutrition. Thanks to Robert, I was inspired to develop brain-booster supplements such as Focused Response and Yang R-ALA.
7. Eat according to your genes – eat like a caveman.

8. The only thing that all nutritionists will ever agree on is that you just can’t eat too many vegetables.
9. Look at all sides of theory before making up your own mind. Whether you were a vegan or a staunch carnivore, he gave you a platform to express your views.
10. The need for biological dentistry.
Robert was a great facilitator. He wanted people to do well, and had a superb knack for making connections between minds. Thanks to Robert, I now have many amazing friends such as Jonny Bowden, Mark Houston, and Mark Schauss who I can trust for the best advice possible.
I would like to send out a special thank you to Esther Horn for keeping me abreast of the Robert’s struggle with colon cancer in his last few days. And I would also like to thank Linda and Jonathan Lizotte for taking Robert into your home and giving him the best of cares until his final day.

And most of all thank you, Robert. We will miss you all.

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