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Tip 197: The correlation between the ratio of DHEA sulfate to cortisol

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 10:05 AM
Tip 197: The correlation between the ratio of DHEA sulfate to cortisol and strength gains is extremely high. Therefore reducing cortisol right after exercise is crucial. One of the best strategies to do so is to take 800 mg of phosphatidyl-serine right after your workout with your post-workout shake. The nice thing about it, is that it blunts cortisol post-exercise without affecting growth hormone, hence putting you right away in an anabolic state.

Phosphatidyl-serine also helps the strength athlete by:
1. Favoring healthy cell communication

2. Aiding in the storage, release and activity of most neurotransmitters and their respective receptors, because of its structural role in cell membranes of neural cells

3. Increasing the production of acetylcholine (essential for optimal learning and sharp memory acquisition)

4. Enhancing brain glucose metabolism (the primaryfuel used for brain activity

5. Boosting the activity of nerve growth factor (NGF), which regulates the health of cholinergic neurons.

6. Stimulating the release of dopamine (an important drive and mood regulator)

From experience, taking more than 2,400 mg weekly of phosphatidyl-serine will lower cortisol too much.  I really like using this product with overstressed, overweight clients who cannot afford metabolically yet a high intake of carbs post exercise.


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