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Top 12 Reasons Gluten, if sensitive to it, Should Be ELIMINATED From Your Diet: Part 2

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 6:41 AM
Here are the other 6 reasons why you should eliminate gluten from your diet

7. Avoid developing celiac disease. In order to develop celiac disease, you need three things 1) genetic predisposition 2) an environmental trigger such as surgery, excessive stress, or a virus 3) a diet that contains gluten. If you avoid gluten, you cannot develop celiac disease.

8. Gluten aggravates menopausal symptoms.  All functional medicine practitioners will agree that removing gluten from the diet lowers dramatically the frequency and severity of the symptoms traditionally associated with menopause such as night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, mood swings, and fatigue.

9. Gluten is associated with accelerated aging. For example, dermatologist Nicholas Perricone M.D., points that the inflammation associated with wheat leads to faster wrinkling processes, and avoidance of wheat leads to faster skin regeneration.

10. Gluten exacerbates auto-immune diseases symptoms. Multiple studies have shown that removal of gluten from the diet lowers all symptoms commonly see with auto-immune diseases.

11. Gluten weakens tooth enamel and leads to cavities. Consumption of gluten has been linked to more frequent tooth decay and loss of tooth enamel.

12. Gluten negatively affects body composition. When one stops eating gluten, BioSignature practitioners see immediate drops in subscapular, mid-axillary, umbilical, and supra-illiac sites. That is because gluten raises insulin dramatically and since it is also a strong allergen raises cortisol. The combination of raising both hormones leads to central obesity.

Bonus Classic Question & Answer:

Is it okay to just eat gluten on my cheat day?
I guess you did not understand the two part articles provided. Gluten intolerance if present in your body should be regarded the same as child abuse. ZERO TOLERANCE. Dr. Tom O’Bryan D.C., who lectures the World over on the ill effects of gluten, showed in a recent BioSignature class, that the single intake of 1 mg of Gluten, which is case came a quarter of a Catholic host, would set inflammatory responses that could be seen in the blood for at least 12 weeks after that single ingestion.
There are so many alternatives to gluten on a cheat day such as Mango sticky rice, that you have no reason to get a great tasting carb day without having to resort to eating gluten.

Doesn’t going gluten free deprive me of important nutrients?
Are you telling me that bagels, linguini and beer are important source of nutrients? Actually many gluten containing foods, if you want to call them that, contain anti-nutrients such as phytates that actually deplete you of more essential nutrients such as zinc.

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