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Tip 209: Chi Kung can increase maximal strength

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 8:13 AM
Tip 209: Chi Kung can increase maximal strength

I often get asked this question: Have you had any experience with Chi Kung or Qigong with strength athletes?
Yes, I have seen different athletes use it as part of their preparation. I know a former World Strongest Man who used it daily to increase energy for his workouts and improve recovery rate. It is an health practice that takes time and patience to learn and not readily acceptable in our quick-fix society.
I have seen athletes getting treated by a Chi Kung expert to enhance energy. I can honestly say that it can in elite athletes increase their maximal strength 2 to 9% above expected normal levels. In other words, if someone is expected to do 2 reps at 150 kg, he will do something like 155-162.5 for 2 reps, or do 150 for 5-6 reps. It is quite impressive. Basically the same gains as a very strong stimulant minus the side effects.
Keep in mind that the weaker the person’s constitution, the greater the percentage of improvement from the technique. Six years, I had a Chi Kung master treat a few of my athletes and we saw basically the same gains as explained above. The results were impressive. Unfortunately the expert lived on the other side of the country and could not work with my athletes on a regular basis.

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