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Top 5 Ways to Grow Big Forearms

Monday, January 17, 2011 9:13 AM
Top 5 Ways to Grow Big Forearms

1. Work forearms frequently.  Your forearms can handle a lot of work. Forearm flexors and extensors can be done at least twice with a five day cycle. Grip can be trained daily. Don’t let pencil neck geeks tell you that it will lead you to overtraining. If that were true, garage mechanics would be extinct. All garage mechanics have THE kung fu grip that would give the fast track at the Shaolin temple.

2. Make sure your pronated curling strength is structurally balanced to your supinated curling grip.  You should be able to reverse curl 82% of what you curl supinated. If not, your brachialis anticus and your brachioradialis muscles need some specialized work. If you are balanced, your neutral grip (hammer grip) should be 15% superior to your supinated grip. If other words, if you can curls a pair of 50 pounds dumbbells in a supinated grip for 6 reps. You should be able to curls a pair of 57.5 lbs for the same number of reps with a neutral grip.

3. Work on supinators and pronators every second workout.  Often, when a new client complains of elbow pain, the first I assess is the strength of their supinators and pronators. It usually is pathetic. Once they work on these neglected muscles and bring them up to par, the elbow pain disappears by itself.

4. Work on grip every forearm workout.   Always end you forearm workout with grip work. I have over 25 gripping devices at the Poliquin Strength Institute. I would recommend or to source out some good tools.
5. Work with thick handles and dumbbells. That is a short cut to thick strong forearms. Plus the strength you gain is more functional. To read more on this concept go here:
Getting into the Thick of Training
...dont have thicks bars?  No problem.  Here is a great alternative. Fat Gripz.

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