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Hypertrophy Bootcamp Day 2

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:45 PM
by Derek Woodske
Day 2 of HBC (or as I like to call it, "Dropping The Hammer of Doom on the Lower Body!") - DONE!
When you look at three a day training you often wonder how is it even possible!?  Especially when you are training the same muscles groups all three sessions. This is the key to the HBC week and I would say it is the “wow” I never thought of that moment that most of the students have by the end. Will you get sore? Yes! If you push yourself and try to follow the workout templates the way they they are designed. Will you recover? Yes! If you listen to the wisdom and experience of Charles and follow the detailed peri nutiriton protocols and increase nutrients by 50% over normal requirements. 

The morning session had athletes on all fours crawling from the lactate that they developed. Three more to go! However at the end of the day, Charles spent another 45min after class lecturing in a relaxed “sit on a piece of equipment” sort of way about the benefits of magnesium and how to overcome the horrible effects of jetlag, as you can imagine there were a lot of Australian students sitting in on that one.

Big take away notes for the day

1.)    Quads are typically stretch shortening muscle

2.)    Hams are typically fast twitch but have a descending strength curve through ROM, so on most equipment you are limited by design but not with Atlantis.

3.)    When training you shouldn’t do giant sets in the order of light / heavy / light / heavy…because acidity of the muscle decreases higher threshold activation and you “do” becoming weaker in those lower repletion heavier movements. 

4.)    When training three times a day, do not exceed a 10 day cycle before taking five days of low volume training.

5.)    This morning IFBB professional Ben Pakulski had Charles do his BioSig in front of the class, these were his stats. 130kg 5.1% bodyfat.!!

Keep Pushing Hard!
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