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The most neglected exercise family, yet one of the most productive

Monday, September 20, 2010 6:26 AM

If you were to ask, what is plateau busting exercise family that would work for 99% of the weight training population, I would immediately say overhead pressing family. Why?

- No exercise packs on mass and strength on the shoulders and triceps that strict adherence to an overhead pressing cycle.

- Your bench press has not improved since Jimmy Carter was President, get those overhead presses up.

- Want to improve chin-up power? Do overhead presses. Why? If your overhead pressing strength is poor it inhibits your upper body hanging pulling strength. Try it, you will be impressed on how fast your chin-up strength goes up.

- Talk about truly functional core work. Especially you are involved in combative sports, like jiu-jitsu and ice hockey…no kidding. Hockey players with great overhead pressing like Stanley Cup winner Martin Lapointe in his heyday were immovable on ice.

- It gives strength coach a powerful diagnostic tool. For example, in the case of the ratio of the seated dumbbell overhead press to the bench press.
The weight done for 8 reps on each dumbbell should represent 29 percent of the close-grip bench press measure. In other words, a man able to close-grip bench about 220 pounds for a single would use a pair of 65’s for 8 reps in the seated dumbbell overhead presses.

To learn more about overhead pressing, read this: The Case of the Overhead Press

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