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Top 5's With Derek Woodske

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 12:57 PM
Derek Woodske, PICP instructor, experienced strength coach, elite hammer thrower, and massage therapist agreed to provide us with a glimpse into his mind with a list of top 5 favorites on a variety of topics. Busy guy that Derek is, he didn’t have time to give us five on every single topic. Nonetheless, this list will give you a peek into an elite trainers mind.

Top 5 reasons to take care of your health
How about one reason?
The better your health, the better your quality of life, and the better your quality of life, the better your chance of having a good experience while you’re here.

Top 5 reasons you think people ignore their health
- Social Distractions
- Stress and fatigue
- There is no way to tell how precious it is…after all everyone has one.
- Life can be a struggle for some and that takes precedent
- It’s easier to start tomorrow

Top 5 interests
- Nature
- Guns
- Music
- Movies
- Art

Top 5 cities you want to visit
- Hong Kong
- Moscow
- Berlin
- Montreal
- Miami

Top 5 cities you’ve visited

- Santo Domingo
- Helsinki
- Perth
- Melbourne
- Halmstad, Sweden

Top 5 motivations/inspirations
- My Parents
- My Friends
- People that achieve their dreams
- People that do not accept defeat
- People that see the good during tough times

Top 5 alternate careers
- Actor
- Mountain Guide
- CIA Agent
- Ski Instructor
- Author

Top 5 quotes
How about my top one?
"If you are going to ask me a question, give me some time to respond, unless the question is rhetorical in which case the answer is obvious, yes."

Top 5 reasons to call Colorado home
- The weather
- The central location to the Country
- The general health and fitness of the people
- My Family
- The ability to be in the middle of nowhere in no time flat

Top 5 lifts
- Power Snatch
- Power Clean
- Bench Press
- Squats
- Chins
 What? Did you expect me to say kickbacks…

Top 5 gyms
- PSI Rhode Island
- Irish Strength Institute
- Ashland University
- Goodlife Gym, Toronto (you choose, they are good)
- Toolö Gym, Helsinki, Finland

Top 5 meals
 Really? Your asking the wrong guy. How about what I don't like?

Top 5 male athletes
- Jud Logan, American Hammer Thrower
- Ricky Bruch, Swedish Discus Thrower
- Koji Murofushi, Japanese Hammer Thrower
- Andy Mapple, British-born Water Skier
- Mac Wilkins, American Discus Thrower

Top 5 female athletes
- Helena Kjellander, Swedish Water Skier
- Astrid Kumbernuss, German Shot Putter and Discus Thrower
- Cory Everson, Ms. Olympia
- Flo Jo, Female Sprinter
  Um, I am out...

Top 5 movies
- Animal House
- Always
- Pumping Iron
- Avatar
- Bourne Series

Top 5 ways to stay motivated
- Surround yourself with the right people
- Set Goals
- Music
- Imagery
- Love it

Top 5 things to search on youtube
- Cats riding vacuums
- Animals that talk
- Moto-X
- Skiing
- Louie C.K

Top 5 pastimes at home
- Skiing
- Shooting
- Long Drive Golf
- Movies
- Being in the mountains

Top 5 ways to pass downtime on the road

-Martial arts
-Weight lifting


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