About Poliquin Group

About Poliquin Group

Our mission is to inspire and support fitness professionals to improve the health and performance of individuals from all walks of life. We aim to create a global impact in the fitness and wellness industries through a combination of unique supplements, evidence-based education, and actionable information. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements and fitness tools to help people reach new levels of wellness and performance.

Decades ago Poliquin Group started as a fitness trainer education company and has grown into a global leader in the health and fitness industry. Today you can find our certified coaches in over 70 countries worldwide.

In the coming years, we will partner with industry-leading experts to offer cutting edge virtual health and fitness curriculum, while continuing to travel the world teaching our flagship PICP performance and Applied BioSignature body composition certifications.

We will meticulously maintain our Poliquin Group line of supplements to support the body’s intricate systems, while continuing our commitment to providing products that meet or exceed the FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), ensuring quality, purity and authenticity of dietary supplements.

Our Vitruviant software, an online program development tool for coaches and trainers, will incorporate innovative updates to allow users to properly design exercise and nutrition programs that transform people’s lives.

Poliquin Group's driving force will be to support, guide, and inspire peak performance and optimal health for people around the world through education, nutrition, and supplementation for years to come.