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Use Whey Protein For Less Muscle Soreness & Faster Recovery After Muscle-Damaging Workouts
3/24/2016 2:16:18 PM
Training that enhances the eccentric motion (the down phase of most exercises) is a superior strategy for building strength and muscle. But it also causes more muscle damage than concentric-only training, leading to intense muscle soreness. Painful muscles reduce strength until you are fully recovered, which can be a major deterrent from consistent training 
One solution is optimal nutrition. A recent study found that participants who supplemented with whey protein were able to produce more force post-exercise than subjects who only supplemented with carbohydrate and no whey. 
Participants ingested whey protein in several small servings throughout each day, except on the testing days when they took the entire supplement within 30 minutes of an exercise session. Taking the whey protein after resistance training increased delivery of amino acids to the muscle, which augmented muscle protein synthesis and minimized protein degradation. This was thought to be the reason for greater force output and improved recovery time.
Faster recovery can allow for more intense training and more dramatic increases in strength and power development. Decreasing soreness is also a benefit in that it minimizes the discomfort following training. Other nutritional interventions that reduce muscle soreness include consuming antioxidant-rich fruits, like blueberries or tart cherries and drinking caffeinated coffee.
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