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  • Brachialis Training Tip w/ Jess Banda

    An often incorrectly trained muscle, the Brachialis is an elbow flexor crucial to arm strength and development. Poliquin Group™ Coach Jess Banda gives some tips and demonstrates a ...
  • Friday PoliClips: Jess Banda - Tire Flip

    Poliquin Group™ Coach Jess Banda is the focus of this weeks "Friday PoliClip."  One hundred tire flips is by no means an easy task...feel free to try it for yourself.  Here's Jess ...
  • Friday PoliClips: Lindsey Spencer Squats

    Lindsey Spencer works up to a heavy, rock-bottom squat of 285 pounds. A former nationally-ranked hammer thrower with a master's degree in physical education from Utah State, Lindse...
  • Friday PoliClips: Lindsey Spencer - Clean

    Lindsey Spencer makes another "Friday PoliClip" appearance, this time working her way up to a whopping 227lbs/103kg clean...before most of you have rolled out of bed yet.   C...
  • Getting Under the Bar: Olympic Lifting Tips for Beginners

    Coach Kim Goss shows you a trick for getting under the bar faster, thus improving your performance and efficiency.     ...  
  • Friday PoliClips: Mike Cardinal - 374LBS Clean!

    For this "Friday PoliClip" we have Mike Cardinal working his way up to a 374LBS clean on a recent visit to the Poliquin Group™ Gymnasium!  Not something you see everyday...   ...
  • Friday PoliClips: Jake Morgan

    Here's a slice of Jake Morgan's morning training at the Poliquin Group™ Gymnasium this morning....SQUATS.   Jake is a personal trainer and physique competitor out of Dallas, ...
  • Straight Arms: Olympic Lifting Tip for Beginners

    Coach Goss gives us a tip o  feeping our arms stright while performing the clean.  Performing the Clean with straight arms instead of slightly bent arms makes for a more efficient ...
  • Grip Strength w/ Jess banda

    Poliquin Group™ Coach and Course Conductor explains the importance of grip strength training and how it translates to other areas of your training. Jess also demonstrates two simpl...

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